What does it mean when your ex contacts you to announce his with someone when you stopped contacts?


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  • It probably means that he still has feelings for you.

    • He said he did but he likes this girl and he wants to get to know her and she's nice. But why do I Need to know as he told me stop talking to him which I did

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    • Issue is he deep down wants to stay in touch. I do feel I have this urge that I do too. He didn't trust me as I contacted his family to tell them his been messing around with me and his used me for money and took advantage. He then wanted a clean slate but yet brings this situation up. He can't get over it but yet wants me around his life. That is the main issue. And I now have told my family its over. But I want him. As we both still have feelings. Its going to get worse now I cannot have him in my life permanely but glimspe at him as we can't be together due to everything. Its easy to say move on but I dont feel like I will ever be happy without what I want. But thats life.

    • I know that it is much easier to sit back and advise someone to move on than it is to actually do that, as I am beginning to ponder that potential in my own current relationship.

      The bottom line is that you two are never going to be happy together and trying to remain "friends" (staying in touch and hoping that something more develops) just prolongs the agony. Putting him in your past and moving forward is the only option that may bring you some happiness in the future.

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  • Honestly, it's a childish thing to do. To me, if a guy has to 'announce' to the world that he is seeing someone new, then he's obviously trying to compensate for his desire to throw it in your face. Not really over you quite yet, I would assume!

    I had an ex do this as well. He posted his new relationship on facebook, which he never does. He did this when he had split with an ex fiancee as well several years ago. So I knew what was up. He was upset that I left him, but he cheated on me and I didn't want to be with someone I couldn't trust. He never owned up to it, but I had lots of proof of what was going on.

    Honestly, this person is probably upset that you are not speaking to them, so they do this to try and hurt you. Just act like it doesn't hurt you. Don't pay any attention to them. They don't deserve the time and space inside your head :)

    Go out and improve yourself. Live your life and be happy for yourself. Surround yourself with positive people who support and love you. Don't pay any mind to this person.

    • Thank you so much for your advice this has inspired me to stay strong and not let his ways of getting to me. I am confused as its making me feel like crap and feeling like he wants me but wants me to get back so his using this girl as a way to get me fired up. But I need to see through it which is hard as I told my family how he really is so if I ever got back it won't work out for us.

    • It's definitely a tactic used to hurt you. But honestly flip over your perspective. Realize that he is so insecure that he needs to hurt you in an obvious way to feel powerful in the situation. Just don't give him the satisfaction. Ignore him, go out and live your life and do things that make you happy. That is the best revenge of all. Trust me :)

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  • Seems like there is some animosity towards you... probably feels the need to try and hurt your feeelings.


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  • It means that he's not mature. And that he's still not over you but that doesn't mean he still has feelings. He's probably just baring grudges and he wants to make you jealous or to "prove" that he's over you when you know that by doing so he definitely didn't move on from the breakup!

    • He was never mature but this is weird he accidently calls me we deleted our numbers so I thought and then he told me he needed to tell me his getting to know somone and stop contacts bearing in mind he contacted me

  • ıt s strange. everything is over why? to show off? but anyway ı wouldn't reply his messages nor open his calls

    • Thats made me feel curious and I needed to know why I am getting a random call from him then telling me to stop contacting him as his getting to know someone. I dont get why he needs to tell me.

    • maybe to make you jelaous

  • That's weird. Maybe he wants to make you jealous or something.

  • He wants to make you feel jealous.


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