If he's so happy and moved on with his life?

Why has he messaged me 3 years later to boast about his life?
im to polite I let him chatter on about how he is saving up for a deposit for a mortgage and how he has a brand new car, and I'm thinking 3 years this is first time you've contacted me since you dumped me to tell me this.

Strange indeed. Why can't dumpers not leave the people they have hurt firmly in the past?
It did not end well a lot of things were said, I'm ashamed of things I said and did apologise afterwards no idea if he was sorry though I don't think he was. He admitted he didn't like me so the shock of this man messaging me after 3 years to tell me these things to someone he didn't like makes no sense to me at all.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Like you, I don't get it. He dumps you 3 years ago, (in a bad way), then calls you back, open up that wound again, and pour salt on it! What's the point?

    He's obviously not over the relationship since he felt a need to contact you and brag about how his life is going. Sheesh...

  • It could be one of many things, or several of them combined.

    Perhaps his feelings of inadequacy contributed to the breakup, and he continues to struggle with that? Perhaps he is happy, but also he regrets the end of your r/ship (the two are not inconsistent)? Perhaps he felt you were worried about him and wanted you to be able to sleep well at night (rather presumptuous, but it wouldn't be unheard of)? Perhaps he doesn't see/feel it as boasting and is simply trying to show you he harbors no ill feelings towards you?

    • He's tried to contact me before n I shut him down I was hurting.. he has tried and told him I want to move on

What Girls Said 1

  • Probably to make you jealous, and that life after you has been better? It's boasting lol that seems pretty straight forward.

    • 3 years later though? Not weird but normal?

    • Boasting has no time frame lol yeah weird, but he obviously wanted to tell you his doing well.

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