Doesn't text back?

Okay so this guy that "really likes me" and has for a while now always talks to me at school and stuff like that and doesn't care that his friends give him hell about it..but when I text him he NEVER texts back like at all but he texts other people all the time and I'm like any ideas why he does this?


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  • Only he knows ask him,


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  • That's weird if he doesn't text you back but texts others. Me personally, I would question whether he really does like me or whether I am making it up in my head. You said his friends give him hell for talking to you? That's also weird... do his friends not like you? Normally guys your age are heavily influenced by their friends, and if they give him hell for talking to you, I don't really think that is a good sign. Just because he talks to you, doesn't mean he likes you, I'm sorry to say!

    I would stop texting him. See if he texts you then. Don't just assume that he likes you. I know when people text me too much, I am put off by it. Let him come to you! If he doesn't, then you have your answer.

    • Oh well I know he likes me he's been asking me out for 2 years now and I mean giving him hell like they always say stuff about how I always say no but but he keeps trying anyway.

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