Should I ask the girl who rejected me why?

I love her so much, and have strong feelings for a coworker...

I asked her out, and she politely said no.

I really don't know why why she said no,

Am I ugly, not good enough for her?

Is it just because she doesn't want to date a coworker?

I feel like I am really not good enough for her and it is destroying me because I don't now...

Should I ask her?


Most Helpful Girl

  • She politely said no. If you respect her, accept the answer and move on.
    If you care more about yourself than you do this girl, then go ahead and ask her for more information. Just know that in asking her for the reason she rejected you, even if she tells you, even if it is something you can change about yourself - you'll guarantee that she will never go out with you. She would never forget the discomfort and embarrassment you bring to her by your selfish act of confrontation. Any hope for a second chance later down the road would be dead and buried.

    • Thank you for MHO.
      And good luck my friend.

    • You're welcome... I might do it for myself... I don't want to be with her anyway... but I need closure

Most Helpful Guy

  • Don't do it. Accept her decision, he probably just doesn't see you as more than a friend, it's normal, it happens (happened to me just a month ago). Move on, it's the best thing you can do, what is gone is gone.

    • she* probably

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    • "Why do like her and don't see all other women as more than friends?"

      I really like this line and will think about this for a while.

      Why do I actually like her? I don't get close to girls and we got really close... now she rejected me, I feel like a loser and no girl will ever want me more than a friend... I will never even have a girl to reject...

    • I know how you feel man. Believe me, I wondered similar things a month ago when I got rejected. It's normal, but I also knew that she isn't the only girl in the world and I understood her reasons. You will wonder those things for a while, but you'll move on like I did.

      About having other girls, it's all up to you. You got close to her. Identify the things that led you to do it and do the same with other girls you may be interested in in the future.

      Oh, and maybe this myTake will help you. I wrote it when I got rejected (in the same day actually):

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What Girls Said 3

  • Be glad you got a pollution instead of something rude or humiliating.

    • Well that would have given me a reason to hate her...

      But she is the sweetest, smartest, most beautiful girl I know...

    • lol POLITE not pollution

  • It'll just make her feel uncomfortable, but if you really need to know, you should ask her (:

    • How should I ask?

      Straight up? "Hey, Can I ask you... why don't you like me?"

  • No, just accept the answer and move on.


What Guys Said 2

  • It will just make things more awkward and uncomfortable for her. Best you just take it as it is and move on.

    Oh and dude... you can't love someone you haven't been with. Saying you love someone before you have even had a chance to spend time with them is just creepy.

  • yea ask her


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