Should I contact ex who dumped me, 1 month NC?

Should I contact ex who dumped me, 1 month NC? This is the longest I have ever gone without speaking to him in 6 years. I am shocked he hasn't contacted me in over a month. Deep down I would love for him to fight for me. I never wanted to break up, he got a job and suddenly I was no longer a priority, when I questioned him and tried to communicate, he said this isn't working anymore. I was shocked he said this to me and blew up at him and said I don't want to be with you anyway, said insulting things to him, told him I was glad with the decision in the spur of the moment. I miss him now more than ever. I don't know if it is just stubbornness or because he couldn't be bothered, and he actually doesn't care. I wonder why he just opted out, we were planning on moving in together in the near future. I have done some research on how to text an ex after NC. Some say just to casually say "how are you doing?", others say to interest the person an saying"hey, you'll never guess what" then bring up something that will rejog their memory. I am bitter that he just left me and I don't know he deserves any of this, I am extremely hesitant as I don't want to come across as desperate, he did initiate the breakup. I don't have fbook but through my sisters I could see the photo of me and him together was his profile picture up until today, it gave me a reassurance that he still loved me, now he has no picture at all. It is freaking me out, I don't want him to forget about me. Will I ever find out the truth? How would I find out why? should just keep going with NC as painful and brutal as it is? or reach out to him?
Should I contact ex who dumped me, 1 month NC?
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