When you get dumped do you wonder what you did wrong and why it happened?

I've been dumped twice now. They said I was controlling and that I expected a lot money wise or some shit. Realistically I asked them to split the bill or chip in more, I'm not a taxi or a bank card. Both times I initially did not take it well being broken up with as everything seemed fine to me, I though couples were supposed to work on their problems not just give up and quit. 1st girlfriend dated 6 months she's 22. 2nd girlfriend dated 6 weeks she's 32.
1st girlfriend had no license, 2nd had a learners which means can only drive when someone with a license is with her, both were native American and in my mind were inconsiderate. The 2nd girlfriend had 2 kids 8 and 9 years old
I noticed with both when I was busy or simply ignoring them I'd get miss yous and thinking of yous a lot and when I pursued like " miss you" " you've been on my mind" they'd do the same thing back and be busy or ignore me lol. Both I'd say i over texted near the end possibly made them both call it quits


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  • Not every relationship is gonna work out or should work out... most don't. Obviously if two different women had the same complaint, it's worth considering how you approach certain issues. I don't think the issue is that you expect them to pay their share, but it's probably the way you approach it.

    • Don't see how I'm controlling either if anything I was a bit clingy from time to time

    • Did you expect them to want to spend all their time with you and never their friends? I dunno there are a million ways a person can be controlling. Just saying if two people have the same complaint about you, it's worth exploring.

    • No not at all just gave them shit for cancelling our plans to go do something else with family or whatever and not giving me a proper amount of notice. I know i'm trying to figure out how so I don't understand and neither want to talk or explain it

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  • I always reflect on a lot of things in life, I think every experience you can learn from so at the end of a relationship I'll always spend some time thinking about what I did and what she did and where things went wrong, more in an attempt to see if there is anything I could improve on in the future.. I haven't been dumped outright before, rather relationships I've been in have run down to the point that it was mutual, usually a lack of commitment from both parties.

    Splitting the bill is an interesting one, I'm always happy to pay for her.. But if I get the impression that she's relying on me paying for her and doesn't have any intention of paying for herself then I won't and to be honest I'd probably breakup with her.

    • Exactly I've been unemployed for over a year I can't afford to be driving them around and paying for everything it must be nice. As a guy that's like winning the lottery for women it's like it's expected, I didn't know dating was like adopting a child or dog lol

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  • Yes I wonder sometimes but I tend to blame my ex more which isn't the right thing to do.


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  • What's to wonder? They clearly told you that you were controlling and dude making your woman split the bill all the time is a sure fire way to run the pussy off fast. No need to say "I wonder what happened?" You know what happened but clearly don't want to change. That's fine my man all up to you.

    • I nearly mentioned splitting the bill cause I paid for them 90 percent of the time they both got mad when I mentioned it. They said I was controlling but never said how

  • Of course

  • Yes, everyone wonders


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