Being friends with an ex?

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  • To me it depends on the level of feelings during the relationship and after.

    I am very good friends (I wouldn't say "best") with some exes I just dated casually for brief periods of time. We also mutually agreed to see other people (like a mutual break up). In that case neither of us ever developed any real feelings for each other. Those can make good friends.

    Meanwhile if someone was terribly brokenhearted, I'd say bad idea to stay friends.


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  • Personally, I wouldn't. It just brings too much drama into your life, and complicates future relationships. I'd view it as disrespectful to my new SO. I'd never put him in such an uncomfortable position.

    The past is history and has no place in my future. Once a relationship is over.. I plan and rebuild my life without my ex being part of it.

  • I would say if it ended badly then do not pursue friendship but if it was mutual then there is a possibility of developing friendship.


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