How do I know how much ex truly feels bout me?

My ex an I are currently living together (while yes I know this isn't a good situation) I really don't have many opinions, I got a house with him bout 3 month ago. We were together for 5 years. Now I'm still in love with him. And would love to work our differences out. But he on the other hand doesn't. He just wants to focus on himself. But then he says he still loves me and wants to help me do things for myself. I don't know how to feel bout this situation. Last night he told me he didn't wanna lead me on and make me think that he's gonna choose to get back into relationship with me anytime soon. Which is fine but I just don't wanna be hurt anymore. And he does treat me like he loves me. He said I'm only women he's ever felt that deeply for. And that I'm his first real relationship. So should I give him time or is he wasting my time?
How do I know how much ex truly feels bout me?
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