Rethinking relationship?

When we were in a relatinship we became very close. we met each others families, attended family events and things with friends etc. The time we had together was this very strong connection on all levels. mentally, physically and sexually. We were very similar with our wants for the future and likes/dislikes etc. Everyone approved and it was heading into something great. He then fell into stress/depression closed off and broke up with me after that saying he did not feel like we were growing closer and did not feel what he should. I thought different. It went from loving to nothing so it was weird. He initiated contact after bu first and then i did a few times. We did wind up having sex a few times too. Everytime it was very loving where he grabs me at night holds me close kisses me. I also sleep over. The other day I asked if he wanted to come hang at my house. He said I don't know about that an i asked why he said he had a lot going on and he honestyl did not know how he was feeling with all of this. Not sure if that means he is thinking about what me and him are. We never had that convo after and some days he asks to hang and others it seems like its about sex. So maybe he is confused himself maybe thinking that either what we are doing shouldn't happen or he wants to start a relationship again. Its so hard to figure out, AHH i hope its the better lol.


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  • Standard. What was right for you when you get toegether in the past may not be what's right now. Meaning people change and no longer want what they previously wanted. Check my questionhttps://www. girlsaskguys. com/dating/q2060912-why-hasn-t-she-rejected-me-lol


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  • Beeen there!

    It can end in a relationship, but it can also have an unhappy ending.

    He seems like he's confused but that does not give him the right to drag you along. It's not fair to you and your feelings.

    If he can't be forward about what he wants and feels then don't give him the boyfriend treatment, he doesn't deserve it just yet.


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