Me & my boyfriend aren't talking? I tried to explain to him the problems I have with him and he didn't listen so now we're not talking.. Help?

we've been dating for 6 months...
But the issue is the things he says
to me and how he says them... And they make me feel like I'm not good enough nor appreciated... Everytime we get into an argument he tells me "he's done, it's over.. The relationship is too much and we end up not talking for a couple days because he ignores me.. Then he responds and we get back together. But this time when he tried that, I did it back and ignored him when he tried to ween me back and he started saying that I don't care about him and I never did just to get me to respond but I didn't... I want him to realize where he is wrong and then contact me but I'm afraid he won't ever talk to me again seriously this time. I just want to know if he truly loves and cares about me will he reach out even though I was the one who left him hanging? It's been 4 days so far... If your girl is a good girl and you got into an argument and she stopped responding would you reach out? Or would you choose your ego and stay silent? Do men realize what they could lose if the don't change simple mannerisms?


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  • I doesn't matter how we would treat you or what we would do. What matters is: what is HE doing and is that how YOU want to be treated. This is not an insignificant thing like he was late 10 minutes picking you up for dinner. You will not change him when you are dating and you will not change him if you get married. So. . . are you okay with having your boyfriend/husband treat you like this for the rest of your life?

  • I would replace her with my side chich


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