I can't stop thinking about my ex?

Pretty much we had to break up because her dad didn't like me, but we were so close... This was 3 years ago we haven't talked since, and I don't know why but I keep thinking about her for about the Past 3 months and I can't stop. what should I do
So this isn't real, I'm just horny?


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  • I guess you haven't found anyone else since then right? I big part of it could be loneliness, you miss the feeling that being with someone special gave you and given she's the one that made you feel that way, you think about her all the time.. And you associate it as her that you need... When in reality there are many many girls out there who could make you feel the same way. I'd just try and focus on other things, I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about my exes either, one in particular not a day goes by when I don't think about her... But that was a different chapter in my life and I've moved on, thinking about her doesn't make me feel sad anymore like it used to, it's just a normal thing and I accept that.


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  • We cause our own pain by dwelling on the past and reminiscing about what was and what could have been. A lot of us do that.

    All you can do is remove any trace of her from your life. If you have pics etc don't keep them. It's pointless holding onto keep sakes of a person who let you go. The items feed your memories. The memories cause you pain. The pain prevents you moving on.

    Everytine you are dwelling on things and thinking about her focus you attention elsewhere. What we think about is what our emotions react to.

  • Just reach out to her. It'll get it out of your system

  • Try again


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