Losing someone you cared for so much?

you ever do that? and now your kinda just thinking stuff like, damn... even if I find another person, ill never care about them as much as (him/her).. I think that sometimes about an ex I once had, and to be honest it makes me feel guilty for a girl in the future, knowing I might never lover her the way I loved my ex? you ever have that


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  • Yes , it's excruciatingly painful. You feel you will never meet anyone who you can love as much as your ex. You think you'll compare everyone else to him/her. That's because the pain is still raw , and your mind has let go but your heart isn't ready to.

    The one thing I've learnt in life is... your heart is stronger than you imagine. In time, it does fully heal and it does love again.

    You are still in the healing process. When a relationship ends you go through a similar grieving process as a person whose loved one has passed away.

    One day you will meet a girl who'll make you wonder how you could have ever thought you couldn't love a girl more than your ex.

  • My boyfriend passed away last year and ever since I've been feeling that way. I feel like it's not fair to love someone else knowing that I will never be able to give the love I have for him. Knowing that part of me can't even think about the idea of not loving him and only him. And I cry and accept that there will never be another love like him.

    • If he was still around, I'm pretty sure he'd want you to move on instead of being miserable for the rest of your life.

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