"I'll let you know" means..?

okay we hooked up a while back, then stopped talking. but since then he'd come in my head every once in a while. Two nights ago, I asked him if he were busy for the following night he said he wasn't sure then I proposed hanging out, he seemed to have been fine with it but then asked why I chose him. I blatantly said he came to mind and we went back and forth, jokingly of course, of WHY he came to mind because I couldn't give him a legit reason. Then it ended with him saying he'll let me know the next day if he can. which never happened considering neither of us spoke to one another the next day. is the "I'll let you know" response a dead give away?



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  • Sounds like you dropped the ball. Men don't like mind games.

    • Droppped the ball?

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    • True, I did sense the tension form his end. But thank you :)

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