Me and my boyfriend just broke up. He said he still wants to be friends but I'm confused?

Me and my boyfriend have been a bit rocky for a few months and I was quite miserable lately. To be honest, we were only really meeting up every fortnight for sex really. Wasn't good. Today my family decided to get involved and tell them what they really think and how he's making me feel. He text me and told me that it would be best we go our separate ways. I told him I wanted to stay friends and he said he did too. The bit that's confusing me is that he said "I want to stAy friends too so I'll leave it with u like this. I won't be ringing u again. However u want to approach it is up to u"
I don't know what he means and I asked him but no reply. Does he still want me to ring him?


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  • You break up, that is it. No contact, you move on! When people say, "Lets just be friends", they are just trying to be polite.

    • He did always say that if he broke up, he would never want to be completely out of my life so I'm hoping that's genuine. He does stay in contact with his other exes. I know that no contact would be the better thing to do but it's hard. I wish my family had left it alone though.

    • It isn't easier, but in most relationships your SO will not like or want you in contact with ex's. I am sure your family was just looking out for your best interest.

    • I know they were and I understand that, it's just hard. I know that he stayed in contact with his exes and text them the odd time. I never said anything because he said I didn't have anything to worry about.

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  • You should kick him out of your life just because he's a grown man using u instead of you. He doesn't have to pay by the character anymore.

    He's basically saying the ball is in your court and when you decide you're ready to talk he'll talk but he doesn't want to bug you. It's kind of shady in my opinion OP.

    • Thanks for your opinion! It just kinda hurts that's all and I know that not talking to him will be the quickest way to get over him but it's hard. I've been tempted to ring him but so far have kept busy. What do you mean that he doesn't have to pay by the character anymore?

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    • He said that'll it'll be a while before he speaks to me again and that its for the best. Also, he cares about me but has a terrible way of showing it. I'm just so confused and perhaps no contact for a while to get my head straight wouldn't be a bad thing.

    • You're not confused. You already know he's bad for you. Let it go.

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  • He's leaving the ball in your court. He's left the way open to still have contact with him, but wants you to initiate it. I can't see the point of remaining friends with an ex. It just brings too much drama into your life, and complicates future relationships. The past is history , it's best to move forward with your life.

  • Hemeans that if there is going to be any contact between you two that you're going to have to initiate it because he's not, and he's pretty much done with you.

  • That is a weird thing to say. It's like open ended. Did you break up with him or was it his idea or was it mutual? But i know when me and my ex broke up, i was like devastated but eventually he came back to me in like a month. We didn't get back together but we were still having sex at the time. Now we talk every now and again so it is possible to move on and get over someone. But maybe just take time and try to refrain from contact

    • He said that he felt so bad for the way he had been treating me and that maybe it was best if he just left me alone. I said I didn't want him out of my life completely to which he said what I mentioned in my post. He also said that he'll maybe speak to me in a few weeks but he needs time to get things straight in his head before he makes any decision. I really didn't want to split up with him and he keeps saying he cares about me, wants to know how to repair things. It's been a couple of days now with no contact and it's so hard but I'm hoping that with time, he will miss me.

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