My fiancé told them everything about me!! Is that right?

Hello I met this girl 5 years ago and we got engaged last year. Last year, i have met a guy when I was in the graduate school and we become friends since then. My fiancé like this guy as brother and I'm sure nothing is going on. 2 months ago I got busy looking for jobs and I found out she is talking to him about me and how things are not good because I didn't find job yet since I'm responsible for all her expenses. even though I was on tight budget but I still pay rent and pay all the bills. He start giving me some nasty hints on what I should do in my life and how I should treat her. I found out she was expressing her feeling to him and his brother as she called them brothers. She told them about all my secrets!! I was begging her before to talk to me since the communications level went down because she is not always in the mood to talk. So when I open the topic in why she talk to them about everything I do , how I do and why I do it she get pissed start swearing she didn't. Until we went on road trip with then she was saying some crazy stuff she want to do for the first time and I know it's not her. I got pissed and I say stop he looked at her in way that it's the time now. She said WHY DONT YOU TELL THEM WE ARE GOING IN SERPRATION SOON. I was shock and lost it. I went crazy on him and he never said anything. I never talked to him since then but and I stayed with for 3 weeks with her. Now , I went in a month trip and I texted her that I'm breaking up with her she is losing it and blame me in destroying her life even though I fully supported her in her school mentality and financially and she is about to graduate this December. She is still texting me though but what should I do since I know for sure she doesn't want to talk?


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  • Show her the recordings


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  • Dude, tell him to back off. If he doesn't listen than pound his face in.

    By the way, you should split bills. In this age a man can't provide for his whole family anymore.

    • when I kicked him off she got pissed because she said She doesn't have brother and she considered this guy is big brother. I don't have any problems to support her finically until she graduate in 4 months. The problem is why so protective over this guy?

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