If your ex had a miscarriage would you want to know?

I was in a very turbulent relationship for on and off a year. We never used protection and stupidly I thought the pull out was safe. But a couple of months ago I suffered a miscarriage I was only a few weeks gone. The only person I told was my best friend. But I felt so alone and now I hate my ex so much it scares me a little. We tried again with each other but it didn't work because of the fighting.

My best friend thinks I should tell him as a kind of getting it off chest. But I don't really see the point. Would you want to know?
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  • You should definitely tell him for your own peace of mind. I know how lonely it feels when you have a miscarriage and I understand the hate you have towards him now. But I think if you talked to him all that built up anger will go. It's not good to keep things like this bottled up.


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