How long does it take to get over an ex? Does having a one night stand speed up the process?

Me and my ex broke up last year, and to this day, he still crosses my mind. I almost forget all the reasons we broke up in the first place sometimes; and they are good reasons- that I'm not going to type out onto here. Its like Ill see something funny and be tempted to text him like "Oh. you'll love this." (Neither of us cheated; not sure if this is relevant info for answering the question.)

I keep busy- with work, volunteering, and tagging long with acquaintances to new places. I keep a journal. I listen to angry music, sad music, singing wretchedly my heart and soul out in my room sometimes. I haven't cried since the first 2- 3 weeks following the break up. I felt empty. I still feel empty and a bit lonely. And to be 100% honest- miss sex. And the only person I had sex with was my ex, so I avoid thinking about it so as not to feel sad. I feel a bit lonely- odd since I'm surrounded by people that support me. I don't want to get into another relationship and potentially hurt someone; I want to be 100% ready to give it my all.

If I go out and have a one night stand- something totally out of character for me- will that help me to stop thinking about him- and what went wrong and all the ways it might have been my fault? Has this worked for anyone else? Or will it make things worse?


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  • Apparently I'm good enough in bed to help girls forget but every time I have a one night stand within a month we end up dating


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