How to stop the cycle and move on?

I had a crush, She rejected me... It really hurt...

We work together, so I see her everyday...

My problem is my feelings keep cycling... One day I am over her, don't care about her and don't even think about her.

The next day, I feel heart ache, I really feel like talking to her... ask her out again ( I know she will say no), Feel like telling her she hurt me and my mind is consumed...

And I keep getting over her, but then the cycle repeats because I see her at work everyday...

Is there a way to stay over her?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Rejection is painful. It can lower your self-worth, but I wouldn't ask her out again. You'd be setting yourself up for another heartache

    If someone rejects me, I just walk away with my dignity and realize I'd only be pursuing someone who doesn't value my feelings

    . Move on from her, because she's obviously not interested and you could be missing out on someone who is.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Hmm talk to new girls... make some friends and don't think about her and accept that she is not interested... That shall help you get over her


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  • It's hard when the both of you work at the same place. I bet if you didn't see her at work or avoided her, that may help.

    • I think that would help a lot... But we both are staying here.

  • Uuuum yep? :P Find another job, obviously.

    • I wish it was that simple :( I can't quit.

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    • It pays well, and my family can't get it together so I have to support them...

    • Wow, okay :( How many is there in your family?

What Guys Said 1

  • This is why I told my coworker crush that I like her the day after the last day we worked together...
    My heart's achy as fuck too though. Can never stop thinking about her, ESPECIALLY at her. And it's worse cause we'll never work together again.

    Not really a good way to get over unless you find another girl somehow.


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