How to get over a horrible breakup?

I was in a long distance relationship for only 5 days but i really liked her, im only 16 and it happened so fast, i am mising her so much and she left me after i tried to work out a problem we had, how do i get over this now? She made me happy.


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  • I just went through a similar situation and it still hurts me to even think about cause I fell in love with this guy, and he made me so happy. But what you do is you find a rebound (this is what I'm doing) someone who could help you take your mind off this girl.

    • There is no rebound she was beautiful, i made a website for us i was such a romantic person and i really liked her she met all my standards and her beauty and her body was just a bonus. Now im so hurt and im crying over it, but im only 16, what do i know about love.

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    • No problem you really helped me, can i chat with you and get some more advice instead of this? Because there may be more i will really appeciate it if we can chat.

    • Yeah of course just comment on one of my questions or shoot me a message

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  • She left you but you were never together. You built this up in your head and made it a much booger deal than it really was. She may have sensed that and that scared her away. Falling for someone that hard in 5 days is what most girls would call "needy" or "clingy." Learn a lesson from this and work on yourself so that you don't repeat the mistake again.

    • We actually were, she said she wanted to be with me , we then talked for 5 days as boyfriend and girlfriend and she was my angel and i was her sunshine, then i decided to talk to her about a problem i had and she said that she is too afraid to hurt me and we cannot be together any longer.

    • You were never together physically. Calling someone your girlfriend when you have never met in person is rushing into things, don't you think? How far away is she?

    • She is 10000 miles away

  • You are just gonna have to endure the pain and let the time do its job


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