How to finally get over a breakup?

My indian girlfriend from UK broke up with me about 2 years ago, she lived in UK for about 10 years. She did a student exchange, we became a couple the day we met, I still can't forget her. We are both into technology/research. From this I deduct other things I like about her like, intelligence, analytical thinking, equal partners (education, way of thinking, goals in life, interests, income). She is not that much into things I find annoying in other girls, like gossip, fashion, celebreties, tv-series. We did have great conversations about (future) technologies, politics, different cultures/countries which I could not have with most other girls. Most girls I meet seem to lack curiousity/knowledge/comprehension/interest in topics I like to discuss. We never argued except about that she wanted to breakup because of her parents.
The reason for the breakup- what she told me -are her parents who wouldn't allow her to be with a non indian guy. Actually her parents married also against the will of their parents (between different castes)
To get over a breakup one should think about flaws, but I don't see flaws in her. The only thing which didn't fit were her parents (she never told them abut us)- which on her side is of course a big reason.
I project all the reasons for the breakup on her parents, which means I still see us as perfect. She didn't go back to UK, but stayed
I feel used by her, because I helped her to get in a research institute where I had a student job back then, where I wanted to stay later. Now she is doing her phd there, living the life I wanted for both of us. I like my home, but I went abroad to do my phd because I couldnt stand being here.
I met other girls, I travelled for 1.5 years and I am in a one year relationship, but I still think about her every day. With other girls I never had this kind of connection and I always felt kind of restricted by their way of thinking/their possibilities to understand topics I am interested in, their lack of curiosity
How to finally get over a breakup?
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