Do guys play hard to get when they miss an ex?

So me and my ex have been broken up for 5 months and I recently talked to him telling him to get his life together and he was being the biggest ass and I was telling him to stop doing all the bad things but he didn't wanna listen to me. So then i was talking to his friend about it and he was telling me maybe I should ask for him back and other people told me that but I just told him i still loved him and he hasn't replied to that message in 6 days and ik he's seen it cuz he told his friend. His friend told me that he doesn't like me at all and his friend told him i didn't like him either because I'm talking to another guy and he said that my ex had got quiet and I messaged him today and it says he has been off of kik for a while. ( i messaged him on kik all the time) and the boy I talk to is my username. I wonder if he wants me back but is just being an ass cuz I haven't asked for him back


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  • Yes I play hard to get by blocking them in everyway possible and crossing the street when I see them coming.


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  • Giiiiirl. That was giving me brainfreeze. Just drop the whole thing, it's not worth it. Go find yourself a stable set of people!

    Or ooooor. Maybe he likes you too. Only time will tell!


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  • A bit yes, but in a scared way. I do behave like that out of fear.


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