My boyfriend broke up with me over a rumor what do I do?

Me and this guy were friends previously when the boyfriend and I weren't together. We hung out once. It wasn't alone we were with three other people. But rumors started saying me and my old friend have done things , which we haven't. I swore to him It was a lie. He believed his friend who told him this lie and broke up with me. He said we need a break whether he decides to be with me or not after this. I told nothing but the truth... He left me over a lie.


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  • Must have been some truth to this rumor. Maybe you didn't do anything that day, the day where there was three other people there. Maybe he suspected you did something anther day.

    This is why girls shouldn't have very many male friends, if any. Guy 80% of the time like the girl, 100% of the time would fuck her, make a move if she was drunk or fighting with the boyfriend.

    They could come out and reveal their feelings, only to get rejected, then the guy who got rejected would make up a rumor and break up the couple.

    Well, girls shouldn't have male friends while in a relationship at a young age I should say. As most of the guys are immature hormone driven hump the first thing they see types.


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  • This really sucks, and I feel for you. Ultimately, your ex couldn't have really liked you all that much for him to so easily leave you based on what that other guy said. So I would let it go. Hold your head up high knowing you did nothing wrong!

  • I'd say discuss it


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