Should I talk to her again? I want closure?

There's a girl at my work I fell in love with...

Last year I asked her out, and she said we are only friends.

A year later, I have just been ignoring her, she does try to say Hi to me... Make a joke... but I only say Hi back...

I am still hurt, and I still have some feelings... but the thing is I don't want to be with her but I just want closure... She is my first ( And only?) love.

I realized over the year, it would never work between us...

I am unsure if I should start talking as friends, because last time I did that we got close again and she was flirting and it just hurt me...

Should I continue no contact? Should I talk as friends? Should I tell her I have feelings ( I only asked her out before)

I was thinking of trying to talk as friends and then maybe slowly telling her I had a crush, and just want some closure... maybe she will tell me her side of the story?


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  • If it is bothering you that much; pull her aside for a small chat. Ask her where you stand with her, if she says friends, then say so you don't think we can be more than friends? If she says no then tell her that she has been misleading you because she flirts a lot with you.
    If being friends is going to hurt you more than keep at a distance; just say hi and how are you. That's it. I know it will hurt losing a friend but if its hurting you being around her and talking with her its for the best that you keep at a distance and give yourself time to heal.

    • Can I text her?

      I don't feel like doing it at work, and I can't really meet her outside work

    • Yeah its fine to text her. Honestly I think you would get a more honest opinion if it was through text just because she is avoiding confrontation. Plus you will have time to think about what you have to say :)
      If she doesn't respond to your messages you will have to talk to her at work if you want closure.

    • That's what I was thinking... I thinking talking in person would be really awkward and make it a big deal...

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  • You said "She is your first love and only? love?"

    Ok, but then why have you put a question mark after " ONLY"? It's a choice, a decision. I have heard and read of instances where people do fall in love more than once, however if you really want your first love to be your last love, then that's also possible but only if you purposely want it to be that way, and for that you should have made a decision to stay single till death.


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  • Just move in and stop playing the same stupid game over and over. Gawd.

    • I can't move on...

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    • I am really unsure...

      I see her everyday, She is my first love, I am hurt...

      I can't seem to find a girl to date either, I keep asking girls out, but they say no.

    • Awww that's a shame. I hope you find someone!

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