Should I talk to her again? I want closure?

There's a girl at my work I fell in love with...

Last year I asked her out, and she said we are only friends.

A year later, I have just been ignoring her, she does try to say Hi to me... Make a joke... but I only say Hi back...

I am still hurt, and I still have some feelings... but the thing is I don't want to be with her but I just want closure... She is my first ( And only?) love.

I realized over the year, it would never work between us...

I am unsure if I should start talking as friends, because last time I did that we got close again and she was flirting and it just hurt me...

Should I continue no contact? Should I talk as friends? Should I tell her I have feelings ( I only asked her out before)

I was thinking of trying to talk as friends and then maybe slowly telling her I had a crush, and just want some closure... maybe she will tell me her side of the story?

Should I talk to her again? I want closure?
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