How do you stop obsessing over your ex? Am I a stalker? How do I stop?

Well, I know logically there is no good reason we should get back together. He doesn't respect me- as evidenced by his nasty voicemails, and my family hated the way he treats me. He doesn't trust me not to cheat; thats why we broke up; I stood him up to meet my sister and 3 male friends, and invited him after and he refused to drive an extra 5-10 minutes to meet me from where I was supposed to meet him. He wanted me to wear a t-shirt over my bathing suit (its not a bikini, its a one-piece and my boobs are big so everything has cleavage) and doesn't want me to wear form-fitting clothes or shorts in the summer? Or to wear my hair in braids? He also claimed I would check out other guys in public, all while making comments like "Blowing me a kiss, how sweet" or "Beautiful" or "Nice" on other woman pictures on his social media 2000 + friends, mostly women; I don't know who any of them are, if they met, or how he knew them, and I never asked until he went through my friends list and had me start deleting guys- past classmates from school.

I just miss the hour long conversations, and the attention, (and also the sex). I'm always wondering about what he is doing, if he thinks of me, and why he blocked me from instagram, but not facebook- as if I was messaging him past the time he asked me not to contact him anymore. I don't. And I do not want him back, but I do? I keep thinking if I was different he would be different, and we would still be together? Every time I think I'm above wanting someone that didn't treat me right, I find myself about to message him- but then I stop. I'm obsessed. So how do I stop?
How do you stop obsessing over your ex? Am I a stalker? How do I stop?
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