My ex text me 5 months after he breaks up with me?

My ex texted me with "Hi, i haven't heard from you for a bit." then 10 mins later he sends me another text saying "Do know you've been on my thoughts and prayers. Hope all is well." I did not reply because i was in shock plus i didn't know what to say. I was scared to get hurt again. I don't know why he would text me when he was the one who told me that the friendship i was looking for i was not going to find it there. He said i needed to heal. After this text he hasn't tried contacting me anymore. I wonder why he would text me for. If i say to someone to move on and heal. I will not go and text them 5 months later just to say hi. Be considerate of people's feelings.
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*** We use to live in the same state and then he had to move to cali and we were doing the long distance. WE were together for 2 1/2 years. After a while he broke up with me cause he said we were fighting a lot and he wasn't happy anymore.***
My ex text me 5 months after he breaks up with me?
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