Flew to meet someone, was great, got in a fight 10 days later, he blocked me?

I met someone online (non dating app) in January. We are from Canada, but live in different countries in Europe now. We know the same people back hone, talked non stop txting/phone, and feelings grew. I wasn't looking for a relationship and very often tried to cut contact cause I didn't want the feelings to grow. I always came back to him. After 1 month of NC I truly missed talking to him, messaged him, and we began speaking again. He said it hurt him when I'd do this. He still had feelings for me, etc. We decided to meet in person in July. We spent 3.5 days together and it was amazing (and yes we slept together). After I left we admitted we clicked in person, he said he truly believes we would be a good fit. Wants a LDR. He started a new job 2 days after I left, and was not as available as usual. I had more feelings after meeting, and would Read too into his actions/lack thereof due to his schedule. I posted a silly photo on his wall of us when I was there. He hid it. I figured he was talking to other girls, didn't want others to see we were together. I got upset. Deleted him from FB, and told him to never speak to me again on Whatsapp. He didn't say anything. Just blocked me on EVERYTHING. I freaked out, called a lot, texted through other apps/telephone numbers. He kept blocking. Finally got him on the phone, he said he couldn't handle me cutting him out anymore. Said he thought I'd stop after we met. Said he hid the photo because his FB photos are all professional or of being out to dinner with friends, and he has bosses on FB now. (It was just a face swap photo). That he still had feelings for me, but that he couldn't handle my "cutting him off". The convo got cut off cause I ran out of credit. Told me I could message him the rest on whatsapp. I did, saying I wouldn't cut him out ever again and my feelings for him. Found out a couple hrs later he told a mutal friend I was insane (for calling after him blocking me). He never replied. Blocked me 2 days later on Whatsapp
Why did he really block me? I feel like because I promised I wouldn't ever say mean things during a fight ever again, that would fix things. But he just blocked me again. And why would he speak so mean about me to our friend, lie and say it was all one sided when he was the one pushing for us to be together?
I sent him a follow up email as sa
agins control from my 30 calls/txts after blocking me saying: Hi, I just want to say this for my own peace of mind. Not for a response. I apologize if anything I did made you feel negatively, thus the need to end communication this way, but I'm very grateful to you for seeing the advantage in cutting contact. All the best 😊.
Its been 6 days since the initial block. Will he come back around?


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  • Honestly i can't blame him, you blocked him and cut him out so many times then managed to freak out over him removing something from facebook (srsly). Can you not take a step back and see the sheer madness of it? I can see why he calls you insane.

    I mean, look you sent a final acceptance email and now you're here wondering if he'll come back around. So that email in and of itself is a lie too 😕. It's very probable that he has talked to a friend who has advised him to move on. I can't say whether he'll come around, if he has a hankering for pain and dissapointment he might, most guys wouldn't.

    I would serious consider moving on yourself and perhaps stop playing hot and cold games with people.

    • Thanks for replying! Yes, I agree my behaviour was totally out of line. I've gotten a chance to look at it, and of course my message was truthful! By him cutting contact, I can see how my words and behaviour have affected him. It makes me want ro change. What I did was NOT okay. How I handled it after also was not. I just wanted him to see I've calmed down, and that I won't be pestering him anymore. Is there anything else I can do other than giving him his space (which I fully intend on doing!) Do you think?

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    • You are right. So, given the circumstances, do you think that my final message was bad in a sense that, it shows I gave up, or good in a sense that I'm leaving him alone. What do you predict will happen? Sorry to bug you :-)

    • Honestly i can't say lol. The final message kinda was giving up and leaving him alone. It's like i said most guys wouldn't want to talk after that, so if he comes around he'll come around.

      I know this is going to sound terribly vague, but just let him cool off and see how it goes.

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  • I don't know.. It really depends. So you upload a photo of you guys on his wall, he hides it.. You then get pissed, delete him and tell him to never contact you again.. Then he blocks you, so you freak out and despite telling him to never contact you again, you start spam calling him and messaging him on different apps? I'm sorry, but I can definitely see how he considered you insane and what you did would be a major turn off in most guys opinions. WAY too much drama over something very small.

    • Thanks for taking the time to reply! I agree my behaviour was out of line. I handled everything so.. so.. wrong. I apologized to him for my behaviour. The thing is, the entire time since January, I was actually the one being pursued, I was going through a seperation, move to another country, etc. It wasn't the first time I got upset over something I thought meant something bigger. He saw my "crazy" and stuck around. A friend saw him liking photos of other girls on FB, after blocking me, so I can't help but wonder if it was an excuse so he could persue someone else. Or if he wants to go after girla to get over me? Is there anything I can do other than the obvious: not contacting him and givinf him space? I just wanted to prove by fighting for him that I didn't mean what I said about ending it, that I would fix my behaviour, though I agree I was too extreme in that attempt.

    • You've apologized which is all you can do at this stage. I understand what you were trying to do, but it really wouldn't have come across that way. You're just going to have to give him some time to decide... It's very hard to say whether he'll come back or not. I don't think it means he's looking at other girls necessarily, however he might be trying to get over you. Best case scenario if you want to give it another chance would be that he puts it behind him and gives it another try at which point you can show him that what you did before didn't reflect who you really are. All the best!

  • Why did he really block me?
    he told you. you constantly cut him out of your life and then come back. you overreact to certain things. even though he was working and busy you kind of went stage 5 cling on

    the simple fact is that you kind of pushed him to this point and are pushing him away. he likes you. that is clear. but he can't handle the back and forth, here and gone, suspicions and other stuff.

    • Thanks for your feedback. How can I rectify this? Why would he block me though instead of just ignoring me?

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    • sh**. He's had me blocked on everything, for 15 days. Except for one iCloud address on Imsg, which he just isn't responding to me on :/

    • well if it's been 15 days of no communication then i think you probably just have to start moving on.

  • u dont look anything like your photo most prolly :-D

    • I do. And we had each other on FB and he kept in contact with me everyday after I left. After I left he said how our meeting confirmed for him we would be great together.

  • Lmfaooo dang son, talk about dropping haymakers when already down

  • you need to stoop. why are u posting our personal biz here?

    • Nice try. He doesn't type like that 😛

    • baby really? this is why i hate you

  • No one likes a mean bitch... That's why he had no hopes from you... That's why be just had sex with you knowing your are just gonna cut him off as you did all the time...

    • I agree I was mean. I just don't know how to redeem myself now after everything I've done.

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    • Hmmm only time will tell... For now just wait

    • He might be a little stubborn I think

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