How can my ex move on so fast but I'm can't seem to open up to anyone?

We broke in June I tried to get him back then gave up then he tried to get me back in July. We didn't really talk till August when he stopped seeing his children. September he started on the texts again then in October found out he was in a relationship since middle of September. Then December he's on the texts again.
Now they have moved into together. I'm just wondering why is it so easy for him to move on. Could I not be ready coz I'm still hurtung over how I was treated? Even though I know I don't love him and would never be with him again.


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  • One thing that I have found in my own experience is the innocent / one with more invested in the relationship is usually single while they focus on themselves and try to fix the damage done. My ex had someone move in with her a few days after I left her, 3 years since I left her I've had a couple of 1 night stands, it's only recently I've met someone that I like and taking each day as it comes with her.

    Hope this helps

    • Thank you that helps a lot. It's only been over a year for me. But I do hope one day I will allow someone in. I'm scared of being hurt and hulliated again I guess. But love to be in a caring relationship.

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    • I hope so I'm kinda ready I just always think of getting hurt and my children getting hurt in the long run. But I need to not think like that

    • It can be hard to not think like that, but one day you will feel like a whole lot of weight has been lifted off your shoulders and you'll feel 10ft tall and bullet proof with a smile that you don't know what for

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  • He didn't feel as deeply for you as you him

    • Yes believe that may be true. Didn't want to leave me though.

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    • Yep pretty much. Never take an ex back

    • I don't think he used me all that time coz we was very happy until the last few years, when I did take him after what he had done. That's just silly to say our hole relationship was he using me

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  • Rebound prob. Why did u break up

    • We broke up due coz I fell out love. Our relationship had its up and downs. Drugs beer and the girls when we was on a brake.

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    • Well focus on long term to get you through it - like the fact its all about the drugs x

    • I will focus on myself. Me being happy is most important. Thank you for your advice

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