How do I let him down?

When I tried to tell him he asked me why I don't want to be with him and the problem is that I do want to be with him. But he lives in a different place I can not do a long term relationship.
When I told him, he said that's fine when I move there we can be together. But he doesn't know when he'd be here.
I'm only 15 and I don't want to wait my whole life for someone that I don't even know I'll ever see. And more importantly I don't want him to wait he's whole life waiting for me.
And to be honest I'm not sure if I really love him. I mean if I'm feeling this way it's a sign right?

So how can I let him down?
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And I think he might just want sex. He talks about it a lot.
How do I let him down?
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