How do I stop expecting things to happen with this guy?

I feel like I am being toyed with or I'm just there because none of the other girls talk to him. I'm sick of it and over it. He should know I'm interested in him because I asked him to hang out, I've flirted with him, I'm the one messaging him first and the one approaching him to talk. For a little bit he seemed really interested in me and now all of a sudden his not. I don't know if its because I'm not showing enough interest or his not interested but I'm over it. It's like he expects me to approach him all the time! He really likes this one girl and every time I see him his always smiling at his phone and I know his talking to her and it really kills me.
I'm going to avoid him all of next week just to recover and heal, but what else can I do? I see him 3 times a week. How do I stop expecting things to happen with him when his blowing hot and cold? :( Plus he always purposefully places himself nearby so I talk to him and that's his way of showing he wants to talk. I'm so over the mind games! (sorry I needed to rant)


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  • If he try's to sit next to you all the time tell him you have to focus on your work

  • Well in past experiences, guys are very clueless, sorry to offend but its true. You basically have to spell your feelings out to them and still then they dont know what to do or how to react. He may be unsure of his feelings so maybe take it easy a little. With this guy I really like at the start he always used to message me, then it was equal and I admit, I messaged him first a lot too and now, his always messaging me first! So the key is dont message him too often, even though it can be super tempting!

    • You don't understand; ever since I added him on facebook I've always been the one messaging him. I mean when I do he messages a lot; like sends me paragraphs and stuff but I'm always starting the conversation and always the one to talk to him first. I just need to let him go - this has been going on for 3 months now...

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    • Don't cut all connections to him just yet, maybe just down your communications towards him and see if he notices and asks you what's up

    • Well I have to see him 3 times every week but next week I'm going to try and avoid him. Just so I can focus on other things than worrying about him. He is a really nice guy who worries about most people and is scared to upset anyone. It's just that I don't understand why I have to be the one to always make the first move for conversation, if he made a move for once then I wouldn't be feeling this way :(

  • cut all contact from him... he ain't worth it


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