I want us to start talking again. I want him back!

So me and him went out our whole junior year then we broke up cause we fight a lot, it was mutual. After 3 months of no contact from each other we started talking again but just as friends and only once in a while. One day he Left me a voice mail saying he really miss me and want to get back together, I called him back but he didn't answer. I was p*ssed cause I thought he was blowing me off. So I sop talking to him again! Then months later, he came up to me and told me he wants to talk. So we did, he ask me to prom and explained why he didn't pick up his phone. When I asked him is that the only thing you wanna talk about? And he was like no then tried to get us to talk about us getting back together but I kinda change the topic. so were not back together but we did go to prom together, we had fun! BUT he didn't try to kiss me or anything! He held my hands and hug me but that's about it! I don't understand.. I no guys expect sex after prom and I was ready to give it up for him, since were both virgins but he didn't even try! And the day after prom he didn't even talk to me. He just walked me to class and gave me a hug and it continued to happen for 5days now! And one time I was trying to talk o him and he's like "cool" like he doesn't care.. So I got tired of it so I stopped trying and now were acting like the way we did after we broke up. My feelings for him are back but I'm just so scared to get hurt again like I don't even know what to do. I want us to start talking again. I want him back ! Please please help me! Thank you :)


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  • Maybe he already lost it to someone else so he dosnt really need it anymore or he's seeing someone on the side. Sometimes guys will be mean so you break up with them so they can have sex with someone else and then get back together..

    • Haha I doubt it cause after prom we hungout with our friends at his house and theyre like don't have sex! its illegal one of you is under 18 itll be rape! and we all laugh then I'm like I'm not gunna do anything to him but I was kidding but he told our friends to get out of his house but he was just kidding lol. he tried that like couple months ago to make me jelous. he started talking to this girl who is known as "easy" but he ditched her on thier first date lol

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  • Have a serious talk with him. If he doesn't respond well to it, then thats...childish. So be done with it. And...why are you UPSET that he didn't take your virginity after prom?! You should be glad he didn't. I'm not like...against sex. But yeesh. It's called respect, be glad he has some. Imagine if yall actually had sex and then he was treating you like this. It wouldn't be so great, trust me. It seems like he's playing mind games...but its your call.

    • Yeah I totally agree with you and like I'm not upset I was just surprised that he didn't try because I was expecting it. Thank you though :)

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