Is my Ex playing me or does he not really know? I need to be straight up with what I want from us?

We had a good relationship up until the point where he became stressed/deprsed and closed off from everyone for a good month. It was a hard time and even harder when he came out of it bc he broke up with me saying he felt like we werent growing as well as he was not feeling what he thought he should. I find this to be crap!! b4 he closed off things were great we were very loving, he told all his freinds and me how much he falls for me more everyday etc so its crazy. Not sure if stress and such can do that. Anyway he made first attempt to talk. We have been and we joke etc. We have had sex a few times. The first few times he always asked to hang out like watch a movie or something. It always winds up us talking for awhile and then we joke around have tickle fights etc that lead into that. I always stayed over till the next morning and we cuddles all night and he grabbed me kissed me on my back etc.
So it seems there something. The last time for sex he told me to come over it was def late. But i got there and he fell asleep!! So nothing happened. He apologized and when I asked if he wanted to come over my house to hang one night he said he had a lot going on and he honestly did not know how he was feeling about everything. I said I was there if he needed anything. He is not the type of person to use someone and he is a very respectful guy so I don't know whats going on. I don't know if he is rethinking things with what we have done or thinking about us and is confused if there should be another shot. I have to see him for the next 3 weeks so its going to be hard bc I have to work with him due to a student of mine is attending his camp and ill be there ugh!!. I am going to try and talk it out with him and see whats going on. I feel like there could be another shot with us but he is so confusing!! by the way we never defined what this was after the bu either
Is my Ex playing me or does he not really know? I need to be straight up with what I want from us?
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