Should I confront her about misleading me? Will she be offended?

I fell in love with a coworker...

I know now she is a really friendly person and gets a lot of male attention.

We started talking, we got closer and she gave me her number and started texting me.

I thought she really liked me, I asked her out on a date and she said " Maybe".

I stopped talking to her... but she started talking to me again... I thought maybe she was interested, or is now...

She was flirty, and I thought she liked me again... I wanted to ask her out at a work party...

When we got to the work party, I saw she had a boyfriend ( She had never mentioned)

I was really hurt and stopped talking... She kept texting me, and got upset I wouldn't reply and even started telling me about some problems with her boyfriend...

I couldn't take it, so I had to ignore her for a little while... But after a few months we started talking again...

I asked her if she liked me, and she said we were just friends...

But I'm not sure what really happened... It feels like she mislead me, she never told me about her boyfriend, never gave me a clear answer, and seemed like she was really into me...

Should I talk to her about it? I have all this pent up inside of me?

Will she be offended if I ask her about the past? if she mislead me, or actually liked me?

I know her relationship was bad, she is really attractive and was dating a "bad boy" where as I was more of a "nice guy".


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  • She will be offended. No point trying to second guess her intentions, motives or interests.

    Obviously its difficult for you because you like her and you feel hurt and need answers but my advice is put it aside. You had some kind of friendship so either get back on board with that or distance yourself from her but either way move on and find someone more deserving of your attention.


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  • Talk to her


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  • Dude she is a "coworker", stop this already.
    Plus she flirts with a lot of guys, likes the male attention and has a boyfriend. Respect she is in a relationship.

    If she wanted you, she would have done something by now. she's just a friend, coworker, nothing more.

    • She is single now, and she never told me she was in a relationship at the time.

      That doesn't matter, I don't want to be with her... I just want some closure.

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