Would you move to a foreign country to get away from an ex?

one of my ex gf's ran off to Thailand for a job around march of this year and I haven't seen or heard from her since. I'm torn either she really hated me and didn't care about me at all to do this and not even make any attempt to keep in touch. or she was really hurt by something I had done and she couldn't bear to have anything to do with me?
to move to another country , well actually another continent really does sound rather extreme thing to do after a break up?
anyone else had something like this happen before? been the one to move or had ex move away? I'm really at point now where I'm left wondering if i'll even see her again , maybe she's gone forever and just a distant memory
  • yeah i'd consider moving away but only for a short period of time
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  • yeah i'd consider moving away and never come back
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  • no i wouldn't consider moving to a foreign country just cause of an ex
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  • i've had an ex move away to a foreign country but wouldn't do so myself
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  • other please explain
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  • No I wouldn't. I can easily cut someone out of my life. I can make it hard for someone to contact me.
    My ex-crush for example. I cut her off completely. She's still blocked now and it's been years. No need to travel to another country.

    • she had blocked me online as well at some point on facebook but she didn't really talk to me much there or reply even when we were friends and close to each other , it was sort of weird way she acted , she always talked to me when I'd see her at bars and pubs , was very social and we seemed to connect

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    • most of our troubles were caused by a girl we were both friends with , she either liked me or just jealous I liked other girl and didn't actually like me? she caused a lot of trouble between us. its weird she still lives near me and around this summer , only seen her at that pub once this summer when she used to go there every weekend. I see her jogging around streets here but she just ignores me and we don't even talk anymore. its like she doesn't care about me now that other girl is gone. I haven't heard or seen anything from ex since march , also haven't even tried to view her online profiles either , it just bothered me too much

    • What ever the cause may be, you're going to need to occupy your mind with something else. It's the only way to completely recover from it. I'd know. You need you cast her out of your mind, prevent any further thoughts. I've learnt how to quickly block and remove a certain thought, and even replace it with something else. It proved almost vital to forgetting my former crush. I've noticed I'm having trouble remembering her face now. I removed every pic I had of her.
      By December 2021, it'll be a full 10 years since I last had anything to do with her.

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