Rules in a relationship.

So when me and my boyfriend of 2 years first got together, he left me twice for his ex, then after the second time I blocked him from MySpace and never answered his calls. Short after that he gets his friend to call me and apologize and so on, so I gave him one more shot. Since then, I decided to make a few rules for him just so I knew he wouldn't ever do that to me again. I made him delete all the girls off his MySpace, and out of his contacts. With fairness, I did the same. Now we have little rules where we have to tell each other where we go, were not a lot to converse with the opposite sex. Up until now I had no problem following these rules, Now I just find them silly. I want to interact with guys, but at the same time..I don't want him to. I can't just ask for permission to do it, and not give it to him in return. What's a girl to do? And have any of you ever been in a relationship like this?


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  • Damn your like a guy...well you can't change the way he is or the way you are, you didn't like him going back to his ex, do you think just deleting stuff online or deleting phone numbers would do it. Seriusly you can't make up a fake account, get a second sim card or phone and hook up on the sly, use past conduct as an indication of future conduct, he keeps doing the things he does because you enable him, you let him get away with it, so he will keep doing it...


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  • Hey there,

    I am sorry to hear that you have found yourself in this situation. I have personally been there and done that; what ends up happening is that you will secretly resent him and may end up cheating on him as well. You do not have trust in your relationship anymore. My advice to you is to get out sooner rather than later. I stayed for 6 years and we were just hurting each other back and forth. It totally is not worth it and is very damaging to your integrity, confidence and ability to have a functional relationship in the future. You need to be with someone whom you can trust and do not feel the need to control. You cannot expect to have exceptions to the very rules that you created; this is simply not fair to either of you. Remember that it was YOUR decision to take him back after he cheated on you. I think that reality has finally begun to present itself to you as you realize that this life the 2 of you created is no longer realistic. Good luck to you


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