Should I get back with him?

I mean I love him but its all the stuff we been he's controlling, jealous, doesn't trust easily and after a year still doesn't trust me, has too much pride, lies for example 2 of them are: watching porn and smoking...i mean you really don't care about this stuff but he lies to me anyways how do I know cause I saw the evidence and which is how I know...should I get back with him? I mean he is verg loving though well at least use to be should I give it a second chance after a yr?


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  • Maybe time for a change, if its meant to be it will happen, the things you mention are not really big issues short term, but in a long term relationship faced with difficult decisions can be a problem. See what else their is out their maybe you can find someone better an you will forget about him...

    • Yea it is all very stupid things and I try to tell him to stop controlling me, and why is he jealous if he has me, and listen its the fact that he's a liar even when idc if he does either of those things. Oh and another thing after we broke up two days later he gets a girls number and trys to get with her, like to go have sex with her, then he tries to get back with me a week and a half later.:(.ty for the advice, o and I tried moving on but all I do is talk bout him..its driving me crazy..

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  • you're under 18 and already dealing with this? Say goodbye to this guy

    • Yup that's what I say but this guy is 20 so its a little more serious than that cause he takes everythin so serious....

  • Ex's are ex's for a reason. but do what you want

    • Hmm that's what I am unsure about I mean after all the good memories everything just broke apart in 2months, and I want to be with him cause I love him but at the same time I don't because of a lot of stuff that he's done to me, besides everything that has happened the main thing is that he disrespected.

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