Girlfriend dumped me?

My girlfriend for 2.5 years is starting to play games. She' use to love me so much. She'd beg & cry on her knees if I ever suggested breaking up, that's how much she cared. I use to never treat her like I should've in the first year or 2 but she was crazy in love with me. but now I treat her so good and bring her out all the time and give her love & attention. Now during the past few months she's been playing games. She'd pick stupid fights & break up for me for liking a picture for example. When we were single she was liking one of her ex boyfriends picture (they dated for like a week, a couple years back) and I found out she sent him dirty pictures. We fixed things up and today I caught her texting him an I asked to see and she hid it from me. I told her we can fix things out if she was truthful or I can drop her off and be done completely. I was yelling at her to still show me her phone but she kept lying saying it was one of her girlfriends. That's when I called her names and she decided to go home. Funny thing is that when she broke up with me weeks ago, I'd do the no contact rule and on the 2nd day she would blow up my phone telling me how she's missing me so much and saying stuff like "really going to throw away 3 years?" What should I do? She claims she still cares and she always agrees to hangout but this stuff happens.
She sent the dirty pictures during the time we were broken up for a few days


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  • Once a cheater always a cheater. Change doesn't happen overnight. Since this isn't the first time its happened, i doubt it would be the last. If you cannot trust her, do you really wanna put yourself through that situation?

    • Didn't really cheat

    • Her lying to you and sending him dirty pictures are considered being disloyal to you; hence its considered cheating. It means she is entertaining other men besides you.

    • Yeah but that's when we broke up for a few days

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  • I put an opinion on this previously but removed, guess you don't like to hear anything that isn't covered in sugar and coated to suit your delicate feelings.

    So here is the answer you want to hear (although it's a lie) .

    She'll come back she LOVES YOU... (gagging) and she isn't sleeping with other guys only dreams of you each and every moment. You're the reason she breathes and lives (choking on my words - ewww bro).

    Ok now that you're all pumped up and feeling good enjoy that if she does come back and you keep that hope that eventually you will realize my REAL post could have saved you manipulation and becoming more shatter that you WILL experience if you believe she is in love with you as much as you love her.

    But welcome to fantasy land where you can delete honest advice.
    So lie on... she loves you still, forever and always ok (preparing your grave for the inevitable doom). Good luck!


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  • Too much drama. You seem like a good guy, and I think this may not be a good match. She was cheating on you, dude. You're still young, you could definitely find someone better who is more loyal and truthful.


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  • Sorry couldn't get no answers sooner but I was taught to neeeeever make a girl cry. The moment you do that its down hill. If you two are broken up. Let her be. Why? Cause she don't miss you but her emotions is talking. She miss the way you make her feel happy, that rush of pure raw pleasure. The in the moment I can't wait til he gets home so we can have amazing sex type stuff. Your relationship seem a bit empty. She may have fallen off the horse but she refused to get back on but rather get on a bike to only miss being on a horse. She's going nowhere and you might have to move on.


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