Want my ex boyfriend back?

my ex and I broke up about 3 weeks ago. We were together 3 years

I've been doing everything everyone's telling me

new look, being confident, going out with friends, making him a little jealous..

and it was working. he was IMing me, asking me questions, making sure I wasn't moving on even saying he loved me to me and mutual friends

but last week he skipped out on our reunion date..he went out with someone else

and I'm my rage I deleted him from MySpace and we haven't spoken in a week.

he told a mutual friend last night he still loved me, and I saw proof in a Facebook msg when a mutual guy friend asked him if he could ask me out, he said he'd kill him and kick his a** because he still loves me.

so the feelings still there..but how can I get him to initiate contact with me? or get back together? its been way too long apart..its my bday in a week. I wanted to spend it with him...

im assuming he still wants to be together, but I know he's also flirting on MySpace because I saw some comments, but he told me (last we spoke) he hasn't hooked up and isn't ready to. We broke up because I was controlling and he felt he needed space..also, I cheated on him with a girl..which at first he didn't care but once we started fighting a lot he brought it up and said it hurt him.

I'm willing to do anything

thanks any advice is appreciated.


Most Helpful Guy

  • If you want to get back with him in time for you bday you will have to make the first move, seems to be trying to do the same make you jealous, perhaps hooking up with someone else. If you cheat on a guy he will then use it as a free card to hook up with someone else, even things out so to speak, then come back to you when he is ready. Seems he broke up with you, someone has to make the first move or you just end up where you are, and you still have to deal with all the problems in the relationship.


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  • First of all he's flirting on MySpace. Who cares. Sounds like you two are both being stubborn. BUT, if you truly want to get back with him then confront him. It does sound like you need to get some confidence. Tell him you want to get back with him in your "girly way", if he does the guy thing where he thinks he has the upper hand and starts acting like all douchy then to hell with him.

  • well first off you have to make the first move to get back in contact wt him

    second he still loves you because he don't want anyone else wt you

    third cheating is bad you have to stop that even if it is wt another girl cheating makes us feel as though we are not inportant enough to make you happy

    and finlly flirting my just be his way to dealing with the pain of looseing you (I do the same) so just watch out and make sure he doesn't decide to meet up wt one of the MySpace ims for a date

    if you want him back you have to talk

  • ex arr exs for a reason


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  • Wow. You hurted him big time. Well he loves you and you love him. He still might need space and time to get over the hurt, but if you want to really talk to him, schedule another date to talk things out and see what his says. You have to be serious though. No playing games, lies and cheating. Tell him how you really feel, and give him a chance to tell you how he feels. Whatever decison he makes, even if you don't like it, you have to repsect it.

    He will heal within time, but I suggest you work on yourself too and learn how to be in a committed relationship. you really can't get mad for him ditching you and flirting with other girls on MySpace.

    Just talk to him


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