Setting up a date?

I hadn't had contact with this girl in three months. I was thinking about her A LOT so yesterday I re-initiated contact, texting her something funny that had to do with an inside joke between us in the past. She played along. Today I kind of extended that with another text related to that inside joke, along with some mention of things going on in my life. She immediately was interested in those things and started asking a bunch of questions about them (in text). I didn't reply.

I want to know how I can turn this into a date/casual lunch or something like that.

We used to hang out, but when she started making excuses not to, I just stopped contact with her.

In the same vein, I feeling a little angry at myself because I thought about her for those three months A LOT, every day, and she didn't so much bother to spend a few seconds for a single frickin' text to see how I was doing. But at least I'm happy I texted her finally because I did attain a sense of closure I was looking for.
Setting up a date?
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