How does one get over a break up that still haunts them?

It's been 7 years and I still miss him even though logically He moved on has a new Girlfriend or "Girlfriends".

I still go out do things and hang out with friends but. Sometimes at night I just lay awake wondering why do I miss him.

I mean this is like my heart is getting hit with a train.

How can I stop these feelings

how can I stop caring?

is something wrong with me?


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  • You should have been over him by now, its been a long time.
    Have you not met anyone in all these years? If not, why?

    • I have asked guys out but been rejected.

      Yeah I don't get noticed as much as other women but I think it's because I might not show enough interest. That's the only thought of why I haven't met anyone else.

    • there's gotta be a reason more as to why you haven't met someone by now.
      It has been years, do you have friends, or people you can hang out with.
      You could meet others by socializing or doing other things.

    • Yes I do, sadly none of that worked for some odd reason.

      I go out with friends bowling, movies, paintball , swimming.

      But no luck in meeting anyone.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Was the breakup bad? Its normal to miss a relationship from the past.

    To stop the feelings you can get closure with from him, ask to meet to talk about it. Otherwise you won't fully get over him, you can also start working out (it clears your mind). Do yoga.. Im only suggesting these things because I do them myself and the reason I've joined a gym and yoga is because I had personal issues to deal with and yoga and gym really helped me.

    Nothing is wrong with you. you're a human being.

    • It was a really nasty break up. Thanks for the tips I really appreciate it.

    • I had the same issue after my breakup, I had dreams about my ex until I spoke with him again. Those tips usually work. You won't know unless you try it ☺️

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  • it's been weeks, ugh and I still can't get the runt out of my head. I'ts worse that he practically works in my neighborhood.

  • Have you dated since?


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