I am going to see them together for the first time since we broke up?

My ex and me broke up a few months ago after a year together. He was my best friend before that also and it being over was a very hard reality to come to. There was no bad blood between us when we ended it, he had moved away to uni and just got over it. We never fought, we had amazing sex, honestly i didn't even see it coming.

We met up about 2 months ago and there was still chemistry and friendship.
We haven't talked since then.

He OCCASIONALLY tags me in GoT memes on Facebook and always likes photos I post. So does the new girl he is seeing who used to be my friend.

This weekend (at a party) is the first time I will see them together and i'm SO SO SO anxious about it. I still have feelings for him and they won't leave, however I have accepted that he no longer wishes to be a part of my life, as gutted as I may be. I don't hold anything against her as the heart wants what the heart wants.

How should I make this meeting as painless as possible?


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  • Why would you go? Glutton for punishment? The heart feels what the heart feels.

  • If you're really concerned about it be painful, then why not just avoid going to that party altogether instead? Or do you really want to face them, even when you are aware that you would feel hurt about it?

    There are still going to be parties available the next time around right? And if they aren't there in future parties, you'd be able to focus more on having fun instead of any unhappy thoughts or emotions that you would be going through by seeing your ex and his current SO.

    I still think that it is better to just completely disconnect from past ex's altogether when you aren't fully over them in any way and that when you are not ready to face the reality that you two have to move on. It helps with the healing process as you could slowly just forget about them.

  • Just don't go to the party


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