Met Up With Ex - Are These Good Signs?


My ex split up with me after 2 years together. He said he was scared of commitment but never really gave a full reason why, he said he was unsure himself.

Anyway that was 8 weeks ago and yesterday after a month of no contact (he'd text me to say he thinks about me lots bit that was all) I text to ask him out for coffee. He agreed and we went out today. It went so well! We laughed lots, he complimented me on everything, gave me lingering eye contact and hugged me just a little longer than necessary when we said goodbye.

So these are good signs yes? Or am I reading into this all too much?

Why would an ex meet up with you if they didn't even consider getting back together?

Also if he's a commitment phobe is he ever going to change? Do men get over these issues? Can you get back together with someone if you don't even know why you split up in the first place? Our relationship was a happy loving one. He said he had an amazing time. I know he still loves me. I just wanted more than he could give me and he went off sex and that became a big issue to me.

Am I missing something?!


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  • It seems like he is definitely interested in getting back together. I know I would almost do the opposite of what he did if I didn't want to give you the wrong impression. Also, I would never accept a coffee date with an ex with I didn't want to get back together--I tend to avoid ex's completely if I wouldn't even consider getting back together with them.

    Guys do get over their commit issues. Its apart of growing up and becoming more mature. At the beginning guys are all about how you look and then as they get older they figure out there is a whole new aspect to fall in love with (personality, intelligence, etc.)

    I'd say it looks pretty good for you. :)


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