Can anyone answer this Facebook relationship status question?

Trying to take down my relationship status with my ex down as quietly as possible without it blasting everywhere. If I hide my relationship status and remove it, will it automatically show the change on his timeline as well or is this something he has to approve as showing on his timeline?

I don't care so much about what his friends think, I'm just worried about my friends seeing it if he has his settings as "friends of friends" or whatever. I just don't want to be bombarded with questions right now, and seeing as we're done, I think it's silly to just leave it up there.


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  • I've never changed my relationship status but I think you can delete it as soon as it shows up. I don't like for people to know when I change my Facebook profile picture. As soon as I change it is either hide it from my timeline or I delete it. I feel like people will think I'm attention seeking if i put up a new picture. So I don't let it show up. The only way they'll know is if they go on my profile. I'm thinking it has to be the same with a relationship status too. There is also the 'only me' option too.

    • Thank you, this helped tremendously.

    • No problem

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  • Change your settings to just yourself and then do it


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