Is it weird that after this time I still have feelings for my ex. Not sure what is going on with us, if there could be anything again?

I was with my ex boyfriend for 3 months. Everything was amazing. We were happy. He was a great guy who treated me very well. We had a connection on every level but he fell into stress for a good solid month and closed off from everyone. After he told me he felt like we were not growing closer and he was not feeling what he thoought he should. Not sure if it was the stress or what. After we still talk and have had sex a few times. Recently i asked him to hang out and he said he had a lot going on and was not sure what he was feeling about everything. It could quite be about us. Well I will eventually tell him how I still feel and see what happens. I feel as if there could be a second chance. I was in love with him and I still have deep feelings for him. We have not been together for 3months but like i said still talk and have had sex. Is it weird that I still have all these feelings?


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  • He's only using you for sex. He feels nothing and never will. You're wasting your time


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