CRAZY EX my ex doesn't wana relationship but keeps coming around why?

I refuse to have sex with him and he also often sends me pictures of when we were dating of us together makes no sense as to why ur ex would send u those pictures if they don't wana be with you or in a relationship. I need a guys opinion please thanks also we broke up a year ago and he still continuing this with refusal of any real answer


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  • he is doing it to make sure you dont want another guy to take him out of your mind. its a control thing trying to make sure you dont have anyone else but him. so you only think of him. it takes a swift kick in the ass for a guy like that to move on to something else.

    • Why won't he just let me be

    • because he is a sad little guy who needs some sense of having control because he has nothing if you just up and never talk to him anymore. he will go nuts and begin doing stupid things if he hasn't already. lol

What Girls Said 1

  • Because he is a crazy ex lmao
    Just stay away from him. Block his number, block him on any social media and make your accounts private so he can't see if me makes a new account. Most crazy people do that hahaha


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