My ex boyfriend broke up with me, is hot and cold, and when I picked up my stuff from his house, He freaked out. What is his deal?

My ex of a year broke up with me because he wasn't ready for a real realtionship. We went back and forth for a few weeks and I just accepted it. A Few texts where exchanged and answered since the break up. I decided to pick up my stuff to cut the cord after a few days. We mutually agreed on a time and date. I came a bit early to his house and he freaked. All of a sudden I dont have stuff at his house and that he was annoyed and didn't want to deal with this. I got upset and told him nicely not to make this harder. He finally comes down stairs and gives me back my stuff. Why exchange such mean words? HE made a huge deal out of it telling how mad he was, how annoyed he was, how he didn't want to do this. He left me heart broken and I chose to give up after a few weeks, WHY THE HECK BE MEAN SOME MORE? I can understand If i was begging but WTF. So I got in the car, drove home, cried, and txted him" i dont know why you're so mad. I was hoping it would be a nice and clean goodbye. I hope you feel better". Can you guys tell me what is going on? The back and forth of changing his mind out us, freaking out when I picked up my stuff, and the mean words? Isn't tthis what he wanted?


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  • How did this man manage to impress you in the first place?

    • He was really good to me for a long time. When things got serious ( he pushed it) he totally freaked. He went back and forth with us for a month and I just had enough.

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    • He wasn't prince charming but the chemistry was strong, geuine love, and respect. we had a great time. We hardly fought, I felt safe and loved, and we generally liked eachother for who we are.

    • What sort of chemistry? How exactly did you have this "great time?"

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  • Maybe he was upset that you stopped trying and didn't beg and that you actually showed up to get your stuff he probably thought you'd keep trying a bit longer.. He probably liked that attention.


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  • He is an ass. That is enought explanation right there.


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  • I think he wants you to not forget about him. like go clubbing and hookup with other guys. He wants you focused on him... but not to date you I guess.

    • I think so too. But I dont get it why put all the effort to kick me out of his life. Wouldn't he be happy for me to grab my stuff and go?

    • He might not want a relationship but he probably doesn't want you hooking up with other guys. If you hate him, you're focused on him still.

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