What to do after a hard breakup?

My boyfriend and I just broke up and we are both taking it really hard, i don't want to get back together with him. What should i do now?


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  • sorry for what you've been through.
    sometimes the breaking up makes us feel confused about what we want, but I see you already started to know about what you want... It's a positive thing in you. ツ

    what should you do now? you don't have to be hard on yourself to convince yourself with something you don't want. saying (no) to the right people it will gives you the time and necessary resources to say (yes) to the right opportunities.
    just allow yourself to be open and honest... and destroy any psychological walls built around you

    I've been told life welcomes new opportunities. ツ

    Good luck...

  • First of all, you should tell him whatever you want to tell him. Next you can go on a solo vacation perhaps and third you need to keep yourself busy doing constructive things.

    • This right here^^^... he knows his stuff. this is really helpful, but i think u should do the vacation before u tell him. That way afterwards u still no for sure or not if he is the one u want to be with. Sometimes after a break up u immediately want to be back, and u feel guilty and u almost go a bit crazy from it. Thats why this break is important. Do a lot of things just for the sake of doing hem for yourself! Stare at yourself in the mirror, not even joking. And other stuff that will help i admire urself a lot. Just dont become too self obssesed! Haha, and then once u think u have had enough time to yourself, then u can decide if he is still the one for you! its okay to keep in touch with him diring your "vacation" judt not too much, u still want to keep him as a friends

  • Tell him


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