Does he not care?

So w/out going into details, the guy I was dating wanted to be alone (not to date others, but to figure out what he wanted), so he made me a friends w/potential. It was 2 weeks before I broke no contact and had a casual convo w/him, nothing about missing him, loving him etc. He never really asked about how I was doing, though he wished me a good day. Does he not care about me? Towards the end of our "little romance" he didn't take interest in how I was doing. He was so attentive and sweet when we started going out.


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  • you can't live your life at the mercy of someone who doesn't know what he wants. it will cost you a lot and wast your time.

    let us be friends? It's an old trick to make you feel guilty or blaming yourself for what happened... to ask for sex later with gone with the wind next days. just don't panic and be patient... it's the right time to know where you stand.

    Good luck...


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  • It doesn't sound like he cares. How long are you willing to wait for him?

    • I am struggling like crazy to get over him and I have decided to start dating again. I am just going to let it play out w/whatever the outcome is.

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    • Well if he's not ready to give you companionship, and you want companionship, then you have to seek it out for yourself. If you want you can ask him more about how long he wants to take, etc., and see if what he says is ok with you.

    • I feel like i would just chase him away. He told me he felt pressured cause i wanted to no the truth.

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  • It all depends on the guy every guy is different but if it was me that would be a sign that I did not care

  • I don't think he actually cares about you.


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