Do guys mind girls with a northern accent?

I grew up in Boston and I have a pretty bad Boston I say car as Caah and Boston as Ba-ston...i basically don't pronounce R's where they are supposed to be and put them where they aren't supposed to be: saw as sar etc etc. I've recently moved down south and guys just don't seem to take interest in me like they did when I lived up north. Do southern guys find it unattractive that I have a Boston accent?


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  • I think accents are awesome- they tell people where you come from and that's something you should always be proud of. on that note- I don't think guys really care about a girl's accent, they'd probably find it refreshing hearing a voice that doesn't sound like something he hears everyday. nd if for some odd reason a guy doesn't appreicate where you come from..well, he's a douche and ur better than I hope I helped!


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