My ex keeps contacting me?

Two weeks after a massive fall out with him where he blocked me off of everything and put in detail everything he's doing with a girl he got with a week after we broke up he's texting and calling me. It started with the fake 'I've sent this to all my contacts' messages about him moving away, it's the last time any of us may ever see him so contact if you want to meet up, I ignored. I got a phone call the same day at 2am from him, which I ignored. And a few days later he sent me an Instagram message just saying "I". Which is really strange but I ignored that too.

We were extremely close friends for three years where we flirted and we're just each other's rocks and truly adored each other, he loved me for those three years and we dated for 9 months. Is he trying to get my attention and talk to me? It's an odd way to do it. Especially since I think he's still with that girl. I feel like it's working because the last message was five days ago and I'm moving on and suddenly now I just feel this anger for days where I just want to respond because I don't feel like I got to say what I wanted when we broke up.
My ex keeps contacting me?
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