Girls, Oh the ex questions?

My ex asked me to come up for the day a few weekends ago and we went to a beach area to walk and talk. Her boytoy was flying out of the country. We are still each others best friends.
We walked, talked and she tried on clothes. We ate and drank. Well her drink went to her head and she got a loose tongue and informed me a good night text that I sent to her gave boytoy a limp noodle the week prior. Also told me I am the only one to successfully get her off multiple times.
We still love each other, she loves me and she is in love with him for reasons I do not understand. He makes all the decisions in her house. When it was us we made decisions together. For example. She is away this week to go camping for 2 days with him. She has never camped nor wanted too. Plus to get where they are going they had to drive 20 hours. 2 days out 2 days back leaving 3 days where they are? She also hates long drives.
We went away WE decided where we were going what resort all inclusive etc. Oh well.
She also said to me that when I do start to date someone or be with someone to let her know so she doesn't see it on FB. I said how are you going to be when that happens. She looked at me and said jealous. Hmmm!
My want is to have her back and eventually marry her. It took us breaking up for me to realize what I had and what I lost. I told her things would be different and she has seen that I have changed and told me so. She believes things would be different as well. But she is with a chauvinistic guy at the moment. She doesn't know if it will last but will not get rid of him.
Girls, Oh the ex questions?
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